Revd. Jan AshtonDear All,

Us Church people + others used to do a house to house collection in Hightown for Christian Aid and people who wanted to give were generous. However, after some reconsideration, we’ve decided cold calling is a thing of the past but there’s a chance still to give: either using the envelope enclosed which you can drop off at our village shop or post through the letter box outside church, or give online, the words donate Christian Aid will find the site.

Can I commend Christian Aid to you for two reasons? Firstly, they are a charity which responds well in emergencies. They are part of the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC).13 charities form this Committee, including the more well known ones such as Oxfam, Save the Children and Red Cross. When there’s a disaster the DEC can quickly respond and charities get together and work together, so there’s no overlapping aid plus each charity can bring its own expertise to the area of need. Christian Aid’s area of expertise is temporary housing; they provided this last year when Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake.

The second reason why Christian Aid is worth supporting is the work it does long term in areas of the world where situations have changed, for example: because of war or through climate change. This is especially true in countries which have a Christian presence. Christian Aid works with local churches to offer long term help and aid - these churches know the local need and usually the solution to the problem and hence can bring money to where it’s most needed.

Let’s give generously once more; let’s give as a way of being grateful that we live in a relatively safe area.


Revd. Jan Ashton.

Revd. Jan Ashton Vicar of Hightown, Liverpool. Telephone: 0151 929 3971 Email Me Here