The Garden of Remembrance at St. Stephen’s

The Garden of Remembrance at St. Stephen’s Church was consecrated for use as a burial ground for ashes by Bishop Richard of Warrington, the Right Reverend Richard Blackburn, on Sunday 16th January 2011.

The Garden of Remembrance serves the whole community of Hightown and the ashes of any deceased resident or person with a connection to Hightown can be buried here by arrangement with the Priest in Charge or Churchwardens.

The Lakeland Slate obelisk was inscribed at Formby Memorials and carefully erected to current Health and Safety standards. It was blessed by Reverend Sue Smith after morning worship on 7th August 2011 and the establishing of the burial ground was then completed. The garden is tended by volunteers and has been a picture of colour throughout the summer.

You will find below the rules and regulations which govern the use of the Garden of Remembrance and an application form which tells you the fees involved. Please do not hesitate to talk to Revd Sue if you wish to have ashes buried in the Garden of Remembrance or to seek more information.

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