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This is Hightown Village's Youth Club Webpage. We are usually at Saint Stephens Church Hall but we have to meet on Zoom during these troubling times. At the moment we have finished our pictures which are some ideas we have for the Youth Club's new logo. We are starting to make time capsules. Watch this space...

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Contact Jan Ashton at St Stephen's Church for more information about our Youth Club. She's the friendly neighbourhood Vicar!

Here are some things Jan has to say about the Youth Club:

St Stephen's Church Youth Club, Hightown

One of the aims of our church is to serve the community. Hightown doesn't have a school and children go to many different schools in the area. Hence children can live near each other but not know them. One of the aims of the youth club is so children can make friends. We have the youth club on a Friday so that children can relax after a busy week: the games and activities we organise are fun and relaxing. Also we give children some what we call thinking time - this gives children time to reflect on their week and their hopes for the following week.

This our work. We will update it.


Click here for our Time Capsules.

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