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Revd. Jan AshtonDear All,

At St. Stephen’s we’re having a 10 minute challenge everyday in Lent. 10 minutes of being quiet, reading some of The Bible and praying for the world; its needs, ourselves and others we know. I will try to do this at a similar time every day and , being a morning person, my 10 minutes will be after breakfast. I know, once the day starts in full, I will forget. Developing good habits is about knowing ourselves and what we fail at and, intentionally, putting something in place which will help, not hinder.

We often don’t talk about developing good habits, just bad. Last Thursday morning, my 12 year old grandchild was put on the train near her house and I was there to meet her on Hightown Station. Knowing she doesn’t travel without a bag full of electronic equipment, I was surprised to see she didn’t have a rucksack. Yes, she’d left it on the train. On my next train journey into town, I noted older people tend, when leaving, to look around to check they haven’t left anything, whereas younger people just leave. Checking is a good habit to develop.

Our faith is built on having a good relationship with God, being aware of our neighbours (the people we, meet everyday) and how we interact with them. Spending time everyday thinking and listening to God’s word and talking in prayer, forms both. In my imagination these quiet times develop antennae which will alert me before I say something crass and to be aware of others around me, especially those struggling. I am reminded to take off my metaphorical “hobnailed boots” and put on “kid gloves.”

Busy-ness can get the better of us. Sometimes we have to go through busy times at work or with our families. However, if we are constantly busy it is unproductive. Busy-ness is an habitual drug and we need to check we aren’t becoming an addict. Good habits, formed in Lent ,can help us. I think this 10 minute challenge will give us time ,so we can hear ourselves think and listen to God’s spirit within, prompting us.

If you’d like to join us in the 10 minute challenge, please see someone from St. Stephen’s Church who can pass on to you our Bible Reading Notes and our Prayer Card. Here’s to good habits!

Blessings - Jan
- Revd. Jan Ashton
Vicar of Hightown, Liverpool

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