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Fun at the Holiday Club

August 2019

A God of Surprises.

A fun time was had by all on the first day of this summer’s holiday club.

We met at 10am in the hall and after a few games to make sure we all knew each other we heard the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. Afterwards we all had a walk to the beach and together we made our own Jericho. We worked in teams to make four sand castle towers and we even managed to get Tom, who was out cleaning the beach, to judge them. Then on to make some strong walls. Afterwards we marched around the city wall like Joshua and eventually after we blew our whistles loudly the walls came down! Then it was back to the hall for refreshments – no time for craft this time but join us again on Friday 30th August at 10.00am, (it doesn’t matter if you couldn’t make the first one) and maybe we’ll manage some craft along with the other fun.

Hope to see you then!