Mr. Micael Cudby [churchwarden]Letter from Michael Cudby


After Pentecost the apostles found themselves in a hostile world. Yet, when faced with danger, rejection and even the threat of death, the strength of the Holy Spirit lifted their souls and empowered them to go out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Looking around us, we see parallels to those ancient biblical times. I am saddened that we continue to abuse God’s natural gift of choice. Conflicts, discrimination and crime seem to dominate our daily lives. We long for Jesus’ return to earth to put things right and lead us along Jesus’ way to salvation.

The period of time around the 29th June, in the Anglican Church, is called ‘Petertide’. It’s the traditional period for the ordination of priests and the start of their new posts which last for 4 years. Many of us from St Stephen’s were with Julie as she was ordained on 26th June, the nearest Sunday to the actual feast day. We continue to pray for her and Martin, her husband. We pray that she will settle at Holy Trinity, Formby, her first post - Julie you will be in our hearts.

July & August will be challenging months for St Stephen’s as we enter months 2 and 3 of interregnum. So far, so good. We appreciate all the hard work by our church teams to support the Church’s ministry and to the wonderful support we have had from outsourced clergy, as well as our own volunteers, to lead the Wednesday and Sunday services.

Bless you all.

Mr. Micael Cudby [Churchwarden]