St Stephen’s Church Hall, Hightown

Hiring Information

A booking is not confirmed until this completed booking form and payment are returned to Keith Aldis, 55 Blundell Road, Hightown, L38 9EF. phone: 0151 929 3612

Organisations that use the Church Hall should be aware of the requirements for them to have and adhere to policies for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. A copy of the Church policies are available as a guide. Children from 0151 929 3070 and Adults from 0151 929 2761.

Hirers must not sell alcohol at an event without the prior written permission of the PCC to apply for a licence. Any applications must be addressed to the PCC Secretary:
Dr Judith Welch, Amazonas, Sandy Lane, Hightown, Liverpool L38 3RP 0151 929 3216

Non-Church organisations must have insurance cover for their activity which they must arrange; this must cover food provided by any caterer.

The Parish Church reserves its rights at all times for priority of the use of the Hall, but will always endeavour to give adequate notice to regular users.

The Hall Secretary must be informed fully about the times and purpose of meetings and use of the building.

There are NO bookings from the Wednesday evening before Easter until Easter Day or during Sunday Morning worship where the grounds are to be used.

For your Health and Safety

Please familiarise yourself and the members of your organisation where the fire extinguishers are located and where the exits are (see diagram on notice board in the hall). The fire exits must NOT be obstructed at any time and are only to be used in an emergency, unless permission has been given to use them for large deliveries and/or collections.

The First Aid kit is located in the kitchen.

When handling food please wear disposable gloves.

The kitchen management diary is located on the worktop and caterers should leave their contact details together with details of food provided.

Any accidents are to be logged in the Accident Book located in the kitchen and reported to the Church Warden on 0151 929 3617. Please put completed forms in one of the attached envelopes addressed to' The Church Warden' and place in the Church letterbox.

Children should be supervised at all times and are not allowed to play on the stage, in the meeting rooms or in the kitchen.

The hall key unlocks the kitchen door. The main doors can then be unlocked from the inside using the key on a hook above the hatch between the main hall and the kitchen.

Do not force the porch doors or handles.

The main doors must always be unlocked when the hall is occupied. The kitchen door must always be unlocked when the hall is in use. The main doors must be locked and the keys replaced on the hook before leaving the hall through the kitchen door. The key will be returned to 14 Lower Alt Road.

The care of the Hall

Please leave the hall in a tidy condition; brushes, vacuum cleaner etc are located in the foyer area near the toilets. All chairs must be stacked neatly in stacks of 6 chairs at indicated locations before leaving. The hirer will ensure that, after use, all windows are closed and all lights, gas, electrical appliances and water taps are properly turned off before leaving the hall. Toilet areas should be left in the good order they were found.

Please ensure that all equipment is stored away and that anything belonging to you or your organisation is taken away. The PCC is not responsible for anything left behind. All foodstuffs must be removed from the kitchen and fridge otherwise it will be destroyed.

All rubbish must be completely removed from the Church Hall and its surroundings.

The hirer will be responsible for making good and/or paying for any damage occasioned to the Church Hall by persons using the Church Hall during the hire period.

The payment must accompany this signed booking form.

The Parochial Church Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any person using the Church Hall and car park howsoever such loss or damage may be occasioned.

The main heating system is programmed weekly to achieve a comfortable temperature between the times the hall has been booked which MUST include setting up and clearing away time. Any problems with the heating should be reported to the hall bookings secretary. Hall users must not make any adjustments to either the boiler or the programmer.

The hot water for the toilets is supplied by the same boiler as the heating and it does take some time to reach the taps.

The full hire charge is payable on booking plus a security deposit of £10.00 which will not be refunded in the case of cancellation or failure to comply with hiring conditions. This security deposit will be refunded within 7 days of an event.
Cheques should be made payable to St. Stephen’s PCC.

I have read the above conditions and accept them. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the conditions. I agree to abide by the conditions during the hire period.

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