Rules and Regulations for St Stephen’s Hightown Garden of Remembrance

  1. The Garden of Remembrance is within the grounds of St Stephen’s church and is under the supervision and control of the incumbent and the PCC.

  2. The incumbent must be consulted by any person(s) interested in having cremated remains interred in the Garden of Remembrance. No ashes may be introduced by any person(s) outside of this due process.

  3. Charges must be paid as set out by the statutory fees system and by the PCC.

  4. In all cases the Crematorium Certificate must be presented to the incumbent or authorised minister before interment can take place.

  5. The incumbent, or minister authorised by the incumbent or PCC, will conduct a short service in church, or in the Garden of Remembrance if preferred, and the ashes will be interred without any casket or container in the soil, and the turf replaced.

  6. No personal markers or any indication whatsoever, vases, memorials, artificial flowers, tributes or objects of any kind are to be introduced into the Garden of Remembrance at any time. Fresh-cut flowers placed on the lawn, and wreathes at Christmas or on Remembrance Day, only are permitted. An undertaking must be signed by the next-of-kin to the effect that these rules will be complied with. Any items introduced which do not comply will be removed.

  7. The cremated remains of any deceased person having any connection with St Stephen’s church or the community of Hightown will be eligible for interment through this process.

  8. The Garden of Remembrance will be open and accessible during daylight hours as a place for quiet reflection.

  9. The names of any deceased person may be entered into St Stephen’s Book of Remembrance if desired and on payment of a fee for calligraphy. The book will be visible through the porch window at times when the church is unattended.

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