Christenings at St. Stephen’s

Thank you for visiting our web site to find out about baptisms at St. Stephens.

We welcome all families to talk to us about baptism which is usually, but not always, soon after their baby is born. All families who live in Hightown are eligible to have a baptism here and these services usually take place on an individual basis on a Sunday afternoon. Families choose what hymn they would like to sing and the service lasts about 40 minutes. If preferred a baptism can also take place within the 11.00am Sunday morning Holy Communion service and I would be very happy to discuss this possibility.

Sometimes families are interested in baptisms here because of family roots or connections and this is welcome provided contact has already been made with the priest of the parish in which they live who has had a chance to meet them and has given their goodwill.

Adults or young people who want to be baptized are also very welcome and arrangements can be made in these cases for preparation classes.

We have some really informal services like “Peewits” on Friday mornings starting at 9.30am after coffee anytime from 9.00am. This is a happy time for parents or carers with little pre-schoolers to get together for friendship and kiddy-friendly worship. We also have a very informal activity-based worship called Family Praise on every first Sunday of the month 4.00pm to 4.30pm. These are, of course, all in addition to our regular Sunday morning service at 11.00am to which everyone is welcome.

We really encourage you to join in with worship at any of these opportunities.

There are no charges for a baptism service but, of course, any contribution you would like to make is very welcome. Please contact me if you need any further information or advice.

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