JanAshtonHi All,

Thought this month I’ll tell you about some of the events happening in October at St Stephen’s Hall / Church.

1. An Introduction to Christianity Course

Would you like to know more about Christianity and what being a Christian is all about?

Perhaps if your family weren’t religious, as you were growing up no-one spoke about faith. Perhaps hymns or Bible readings might not have been part of your school assemblies.

But perhaps you’ve had a yearning or a nudge that you’d like to know more about faith.

There are now courses, like the Alpha course you may have heard of, where adults can find out about faith and discuss their own faith in a friendly, open way.

At St Stephen’s we use the START course which I’ll be leading. Using videos, discussion and good coffee, we’ll start with that yearning, that nudge to want answers to questions such as what is life really about.

For 6 Thursday evenings in October and November, the first one is Thursday 12th October at 7.30pm, in the meeting room of the Church Hall - through the entrance and turn right, I’ll be leading the START course.

If you’d like to come, just do. Hopefully the groups will scratch where you’re itching to know something about Christian faith. If you want to know more about the course, if you want to say you’re coming - you know where I am - 0151 929 3971.

2. Service of Commemoration for Departed Loved Ones -

Our All Souls Service,

Sunday 29th October at St Stephen’s Church at 6pm

There will be prayers thanking God for all our loved ones who have died, as well as prayers for those who are recently bereaved. There will be re-assuring readings and familiar hymns.

We will remember and read out any names of people you wish to commemorate. Please give the names at the door when you come into church. We will light candles as the names are being read out.

We do hope you will be able to come – with anyone else you would like to bring.

3. Evensong - every Sunday evening at 6pm

They say Evensong is the service for introverts! People are not required to speak to anybody else during the service but to enjoy the introspection and the quiet inherent in this service.

There are hymns, Bible readings and a short sermon. The language of the service goes back to 1662 and when we lead this service we do stick to the traditional form of the service.

You are welcome to come and enjoy the rich language and the quiet atmosphere to aid your worship. Try it.



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