JanAshtonHi All,

As one of the judges of our Poetry competition, I thought I’d let you read a poem of mine about Summer. Is it just me who has an illusory longing about a perfect summer? Does my poem show this fantasy? I hope it does. I tried in a few lines to show this ideal - of blissful summer days where everything is perfect and there’s no sand in the sandwiches or sharp glass on the beach. Here’s my poem:

Summer by Jan Ashton

It’s March that triggers it.
just one day of sun,
blossom and warmth
and I ache for summer,
longing for sun and surf,
dreaming this year there’ll be no
stinging jellyfish
or those long grey days. 
There’ll be blue skies,
refreshing breezes,
I’ll be relaxed and happy,
young, sylph-like,
bikini-ed, wonky knees
magic-ed away as
on my surfboard,
I’ll crown the waves. 

Why do I have this longing for an idyllic summer? What is it about this image of blue skies which I desire so much? Is it there to get me through the grey days of winter knowing that summer is coming?

Some people think faith is a bit like my fantasy about summer. It doesn’t really exist; it’s just an illusion to make us feel good about dying or to make us behave better.

Although I have this notion of summer, I do know the reality - as a redhead I’m hopeless in the sun, we rarely have much sun in summer anyway and I’m scared of the sea! There’re fantasies about faith. People tell me bad things shouldn’t happen to good people and another praying gets you what you want.

But real faith is as solid as a rock, knowing there’ll always be bad days (God’s own son was crucified) but God is there good and proper to support us - and praying for our concerns often shows us what we should be doing to answer our own prayers!


My Fantasy


The Reality


Jan Ashton