Hi All,

Here’s an invitation:

Every Wednesday and Thursday

7.15am to 7.45am in Lent.

St Stephen’s Church - keeping silence before a lit candle.

Would you like to join me? 

Revd. Jan Ashton

Starting Wednesday 1st March, last one Thursday 13th April.

Come quietly and go quietly.
Stay for 30 minutes or whatever you can manage.

Mind Full, or MindfulMeditation, mindfulness, silence. Have you tried it?

Throughout Lent, I’m going to be in St Stephen’s Church for 30 minutes in silence every Wednesday and Thursday morning. Mmmm, I’m thinking. It’ll be cold. It might possibly be a time of waiting. Waiting for 7.45 so I can go home! But I hope it will be a time of peace.

Someone once said - Meditation is like watching for kingfishers. They are so beautiful, but where do you find them? Firstly, go where others have seen kingfishers and wait. Yes, it will be boring and often it will be raining. But one day your waiting will be rewarded and you will see a flash of colour and there flying past in all its grandeur will be a kingfisher.

There’s lots of information about meditation and mindfulness so I won’t discuss this. But there isn’t often a chance to practise. People tell me they find St Stephen’s church very peaceful.

I might bring a poem to read and think about. I might bring the Bible and read a few verses. I might say a few words over and over again. I might bring my rosary beads and say the prayers. I might do nothing but think. I might try and stay in the present and listen to the birds and traffic.

But I will expect something to happen over the seven weeks of practising silence during Lent. Perhaps I will know myself better. Perhaps I will understand others better. Perhaps I will experience peace rather than aggravation. Perhaps I may catch a glimpse of God’s wonder and awe.

Jan Ashton