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Poetry PleasePoetry Please

- Your last chance

Closing date 1 November 2019

Inviting all readers – a chance to win a book token
Children – please have a go!

As we previewed in August, and detailed in September, the subject and title of entries to our new poetry competition is Unicorns.

We hope Unicorns will appeal to the young and the young-at-heart, but please stick to this title and subject. You may write about Unicorns plural or a/the Unicorn singular. – if you write about dragons, giraffes, rhinos, or any other creatures instead, your entry will be disqualified. No sub-titles, please.

We have decided to award two adult prizes - one will be for Hightown residents, the other for those who work in or belong to an organisation in Hightown or who are residents of Little Crosby, or Ince Blundell.

A third £20.00 book token will also be awarded to the best under-18 entrant from Hightown, Little Crosby or Ince Blundell. The competition is open to eligible people of any age, including last year’s competition entrants, and poems from young people and children will be particularly welcome. There are no entry fees.

Prizes are awarded at the discretion of the judges (but no entrant will be awarded more than one prize).

The winning poem(s) will be published in the February 2020 issue of Focus.

Judges will be Rev Jan Ashton, Vicar of St Stephen’s, a keen writer, Mr Karl Brennan, chair of Hightown Parish Council and Mrs Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes, a local published novelist and poet. Entries are judged anonymously.

Your poem must be original. It should be creative, with good use of words, imagery and rhythm. It can be funny, sad, romantic – or what you will; its form can range from a sonnet to a limerick; you can choose rhyme, scan or free verse. But check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The rules and how you enter are set out opposite. Read it all carefully before you send in your entries.

Have fun. We look forward to receiving your poems.