Sherry, Soup & Sinful Desserts 22nd February 2017

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Today’s Home Made Soups

Fresh Vegetable Soup
Brocolli And Stilton With A Sprinkle Of Stilton On The Top
Leek, Potato And Smokey Bacon With A Slurp Of Creme Fraiche And A Little Parmesan
Beetroot Soup Garnished With Sour Cream
Carrot And Corriander With A Little Extra Touch Of Herbs


Sinful Desserts

Apple Tart (Made Without Sugar So Suitable For Diabetic Guests)
Fresh Fruit Salad (Made Without Sugar So Suitable For Diabetic Guests)
Apple Crumble With Custard Or Cream
Orange And Almond Cheesecake
Treacle Tart With Custard Or Cream


Ask About Our Next Event – 18th March 2017

St Patricks Night With Live Music And A Caller To Guide You In The Dances

Licensed Bar Hotpot And Desserts
Tickets Available Today £15 Each Which Includes The Food


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